1. G.O.L.D. II ft K_Sass (Prod by TreeLo)

  2. Right Now ft. King Kanevil (Prod by Mj Nichols)

  3. Born & Raised in the U.S.A. (Prod by Kelly Portis)

  4. Lost Boyz (Prod by Vash Shogun)

  5. A girl named Karma (Prod by Juxx X)

  6. House of Fighting Mirrors (Prod by Sigma)

  7. Ballad of a fallen soldier

  8. Breakfast in Bed (Prod by Loudmindead)

  9. Champions (Prod by S.I.K.)

  10. Willis - Good Times (Prod by L David)

  11. Glory Hallelujah (Prod by Brian Snow)

  12. Southern Girl (Prod by CO Beats)

  13. Without You (Prod. By Hunter Dodson)

  14. Neva let u down (Prod by Kelly Portis)

  15. Classic (Prod by Mad Money)

  16. Runaway Slave Flow (Prod by Leotis)

  17. Stereotypes Ft. Tyler Reid (Prod by Rhakim Ali)

  18. 44 Long (Prod by Kid Polo)

  19. Masterplan (Prod by ItsGoodBeats)

  20. The Phoenix (Prod by Scoot Beatz)

  21. Steppin Out (Prod by LD Beats)

  22. Political Process (Prod by Thovo)

  23. Wolf on Black Wall Street (Prod By M. Fasol)

  24. The World is Yours (Prod by Aye Silver)

  25. Front Page News ft. JT the Humble Savage (prod. by JahnniMIA)

  26. Peach Swishers ft. Chris Savage (Prod by Tony Sway)

  27. Visions (Prod by Barcin Records)

  28. Sinatra Freestyle (Prod by Urbanhagen)

  29. Deeper (Prod by Omito)

  30. Class (Prod by Cheta)

  31. Lately (Prod. by Willis)

  32. Enjoy Yourself (Prod by Omito)

  33. 30 (Prod by Stimp C)

  34. Yayo (Prod by Jahnni MIA)

  35. Lifeline (Prod by B.A.N.G. Beats)

  36. Young Fly & Flashy (Prod. by Mj Nichols)

  37. Bringing My love (Prod. by Supa Dave)

  38. Top of The World ft Blacktop Democracy

  39. Cheers(Prod. by Mj Nichols

  40. Hood Hoppin (Prod by Willis)

  41. Hello World (Prod. by One Tone)

  42. Baby dont go

  43. Mountains (Prod. Good Beats)

  44. Left to be Said

  45. Tonight

  46. O.G. (Prod. By The Crxsh)

  47. Cinderella Man (Prod. by Mj Nichols)

  48. Family Reunion

  49. Scent of a Woman (Prod. by Frander)

  50. Chivalry (Prod. by Apulux)

  51. Endless Summer

  52. KickBack (Prod. by Omito)

  53. Endless Summer (Prod. by False Ego)

  54. Safe & Sound (Prod. by Superstaar Beats)

  55. The Water (Prod. by DVN)

  56. Blow Me Up (Prod by Mac Von)

  57. Old School Lexus (Prod. by Antonio Mitchell

  58. Art of Living (Prod. by Omito)

  59. Have Not (Prod. by ScootBeatz)

  60. Single ft. Soul (Prod. by Willis)

  61. History (Prod. by Scoot Beatz)

  62. Hold On (Prod. by Scoot Beatz)

  63. Devil is a lie Freestyle

  64. MVP (Prod. By Willis)

  65. You belong to me

  66. On My Way ft. Tony Tone Beatz

  67. 73 (Prod. by Scoot Beatz)

  68. The Hope Freestyle

  69. Jone$es (Prod. By G. Cal)

  70. Freedom

  71. The Understanding

  72. Stuck in my ways (Prod. by Dre Eazy)

  73. Put It Down (Prod. by @_nBProductions)

  74. On the way Up

  75. High Noon

  76. Seasons

  77. The Answer

  78. Family Jewels

  79. Live It Up

  80. Rorschachs

  81. Gold ft. Ckai Dawson
    Mr Willis, Ckai Dawson

  82. HITMAN

  83. Fed Up ft. Vernon Burris
    Mr Willis, Vernon Burris

  84. Dayjob
    Mr Willis

  85. Jesus was a MC
    Mr Willis

  86. Lessons from my Father
    Mr Willis

  87. Nowhere to Hide
    Mr Willis

  88. Expensive Tastes
    Mr Willis

  89. Anatomy

  90. No Apologies

  91. Old Testament

  92. Grape Swishers ft. Studda
    Mr Willis, Mike Studda

  93. Chill ft. Dub (Prod. by Tony Tone Beatz)
    Mr Willis, Dub

  94. Painkillers
    Mr Willis, The Greatz

  95. Crush ft. Lyric Ali
    Mr Willis, Lyric Ali

  96. Ciara - Body Party (84 Baby Remix)

  97. Live From The 405

  98. Dedication ft aDDlib
    Mr Willis, aDDlib

  99. Game Over ft. Reazon
    Mr Willis, Reazon

  100. Baller on a Budget ft. Frank Black + Steph Simon
    Mr Willis, Frank Black, Steph Simon

  101. L Gibson ft Willis - Issues
    L Gibson ft Willis

  102. Sumpthin' 4 da S.L.A.B. ft. Soul

  103. Coming of Age
    Mr. Willis

  104. Blind Faith
    Mr. Willis

  105. Members Only Ft. Blacktop Democracy
    Mr Willis, Blacktop Democracy

  106. OG Kush + Purp
    Dub featuring Mr Willis

  107. 10 Minutes
    Mr Willis

  108. Around We Go

  109. Keisha
    Mr Willis

  110. Pray for me
    Mr Willis

  111. Rhyme + Reason

  112. M.O.B.

  113. Vegas Run

  114. 45

  115. Shawty Be Back

  116. Mile High

  117. Ya Dig

  118. Serial Spittas ft. Beetyman

  119. MONEY

  120. In due time
    Mr Willis

  121. Hungry (prod. by Tony Tone Beatz

  122. Tailor Made

  123. Muhammad Ali
    Mr Willis feat Addlib

  124. Dubb - Rhythmic Philosophy
    Dubb ft. Prenz + Mr Willis (prod by. Xperiment)

  125. Nicki

  126. Smoke n Dust
    Mr Willis

  127. Everytime you're away

  128. Midsummer Night

  129. I D K

  130. Player

  131. Backwardz

  132. Life Sentence

  133. Never Stop

  134. M.O.B. II


Willis Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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